I provide services to adults, couples, adolescents, and families. I integrate insight-oriented and experiential clinical methods, utilize mindfulness techniques, promote secure-functioning attachment skills based on interpersonal neuroscience, and approach sessions in a manner that is both directive and collaborative to produce results from the outset.

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Tap into the deepest parts of you – your true or authentic self. Explore who you are at your core and discover ways to live from this centered place. Personal therapy will allow you to free yourself from the past, transcend blocks or negative emotions, grow to compassionately accept yourself and others, and fall in love with this adventure called Life that is uniquely and undeniably yours. Learn to optimize and balance the many demands in life and refresh your lifestyle in ways that make you excited to wake up in the morning.

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My approach to couples therapy is primarily founded on the integration of two innovative models, a “Psychobiological Approach to Couple Therapy” developed by Dr. Stan Tatkin and “Relational Life Therapy” created by Terry Real, LICSW. PACT fuses attachment theory, developmental neuroscience, and arousal regulation to promote secure-functioning relationships, and RLT forges authentic, honest, and intimate connections through the promotion of Relational Mindfulness, or moving beyond our knee-jerk, automatic (adaptive child) reactions into thoughtful, considered (wise adult) responses.

In couples therapy, you’ll learn what attachment theory and neuroscience are teaching us about how to create safe, engaging, and mutually fulfilling relationships. You’ll participate in a highly interactive and experiential style of therapy that incorporates exercises for both discovery and skill building, as well as safe healing of relational traumas. An innovative use of video playback will allow you to see yourself and your partner in an objective and enlightening manner that elevates your awareness and ability to grow together in unprecedented ways. This style of couples therapy is truly something special.

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Discover a “Relational Approach” to empowering adolescents and strengthening family bonds. Treatment of adolescents involves a combination of individual and family interventions. Individual sessions allow teens to talk freely about their concerns with an unbiased adult who knows how to listen in ways that get them to explore important issues and arrive at their own responsible choices. Family sessions strengthen the relational dynamics in the family. The combination of these approaches helps elevate respect, responsibility, cooperation, conflict-resolution, and ultimately greater harmony, fun, and closeness in families

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I greet everyone with compassion and acceptance, and I respect diversity and personal values without bias. Regardless of your personal beliefs, political or religious orientation, ethnic background, or gender or sexual identity, you will be regarded with compassion and respect.

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Tele-medicine is the newest frontier of modern healthcare. Today’s digital technology allows doctors to video-conference with patients from the comforts of their own home or office. I am licensed to provide tele-sessions to people in California, Alabama, and all PSYPACT approved states.